About Us

Elmer Miller had been working many years managing a men's store called "Freedman's" before he decided to launch his own business. Elmer, along with a group of other businessmen wanted to launch a business based on the new photometric fitting technology for custom clothing. 

In 1961, Elmer opened one of the seven original Richard Bennett stores in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. It featured the innovative photometric custom-fitting technology, which started with the customer standing in a room filled with large mirrors. The customer would don carefully placed tape measures in order to ensure accuracy and fit. One photo of the customer would provide a view of every side of their body. The live photo was sent directly to the tailoring company, where a life size photo would be recreated. The tailor worked with these images, which made it easy to fit even the most unique physiques. 

In addition to the photometric custom fitting technology, Richard Bennett featured its own fabric line. Elmer felt the need to go the extra mile, and sought out additional fabric sources and began to offer the most exclusive, high-end fabrics from around the world. In 1966, he started to offer custom-tailored shirts. The custom shirt business was a complete success, and allowed him to expand his custom clothing and shirt business to include some of the finest ties and accessories available. 

In 1994, David was appointed president of Richard Bennett Tailors. He continued to introduce high-end, quality casual lines, such as Bobby Jones, Lacoste, and Haupt. David continues to bring in unique and luxurious items available exclusively at Richard Bennett, including Lloyd's of London Footwear. 

2016 marks 56 years of offering the Milwaukee area the best in customer service and custom and ready made clothing. 

At Richard Bennett Tailors, we suit you better!