Custom Clothing

Your custom garment is given tailored attention at Richard Bennett

 The process of selecting and crafting your custom garment is taken with serious attention and care at Richard Bennett Tailors with our experienced tailors and sales staff in three easy steps:

Choose a Fabric: Are you looking for a lightweight, year-round weight, or a fall/winter weight? Do you prefer traditional fabrics or more contemporary? Answer these simple questions and we can recommend a selection of top-quality and exclusive fabrics in a variety of colors and patterns that best suit your needs.

Measure: A professional custom clothing consultant will measure your overarm, chest, waist, seat, outseam, inseam, coat length, sleeve length, shoulder slope, and degree of posture. A try-on suit is used to confirm the measurements and help determine shoulder, chest, posture, and seat types. All of these measurements are required to attain the best fit for you.

Choose a Model and Styling Details: Based on your preferences for either a traditional or contemporary look, and your measurements, we will be able to recommend a coat with a square, semi-square, semi-natural, or a natural shoulder. We will also suggest styling details that will be the most flattering according to your body type: single or double-breasted, 1-4 button coats, and the option of no vent, side vents, or center vents.

Slacks models have 3 fitting qualities: Easy, Regular, or Trim
We offer several slack types here at Richard Bennett, that include:
  > Plain front or pleated
  > Belt or no
  > Plain bottoms or cuffed bottoms

  > Side pockets, 1/4" top pockets, western pockets, or hip

  > Pants have the option of being fully lined or 1/2 lined in front to the knee.

  > Brace buttons are also an option.

There isn't a store in the Midwest that has the Experience * Selection * Service  of Richard Bennett. Call (262)-784-7125 or email your request for an appointment today!

Now that you have completed all three steps, your garment will be ready for you in three-five weeks! A final fitting is done to ensure your comfort and the perfect fit. Then, we will recommend various accessories such as ties or cufflinks to compliment your new garment. At Richard Bennett, it is our goal to exceed your expectations when it comes to custom clothing!